A Single Burial Stops Building Project

- Thursday December 13th, 2012 - 21:25 - Source: Single gravestone sits alone in Chinese building site
A family's refusal to relocate a loved one's remains brings construction to a grinding halt in China.

Unmoved in grave in middle of construction site - Source: Telegraph.co.uk

Cemetery preservation/conservation is still a budding field in most of the world. As such, it is often not a shock when remains are disinterred and relocated, especially when what was once the ideal spot for a cemetery is now prime real estate ripe for development. This is not uncommon in many countries, let alone China.


However, what happens when the family who owns the grave refuses to relocate it? In this case, construction workers try to build around it. A single 30ft burial mound, what has been nicknamed the "Nail Grave," now stands alone amidst the foundation block for a new apartment building.


The family has supposedly refused due to the expense of relocation and displeasure at the reburial site,  though there are reports of the family being offered 1,000,000 yuan (£100,000 or $160,000). The tomb has only been in that location since 2004.

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